Tuesday, June 12, 2007

New Roommate

We've had a busy couple of days: all three of us finished finals in the middle of last week and after that Anne and I traveled west to Denver and Seattle respectively. I went to visit Eryn McEntee, our old roommate, and Anne went to her brother's graduation. I got back on Saturday to a new roommate and Margaret packing up her things to go home to South Bend for the summer. Our new roommate is Sarah and she will be living with us as a member of our household for the summer. We're really excited to have her; Anne and I are taking classes at the U of C over the summer so that we will be able to graduate early, and having another person here with us is a real blessing! So, for the past couple of days we've been moving Sarah in and showing her the ropes. Also we have been preparing to host a birthday party for Sarah tonight. This is her 21st birthday and she really wants to sanctify this year to the Lord and to have him be the center of her celebration. Those coming to the party tonight, whether they are Christian or not, will see the Lord in the way that we will honor and pray for Sarah and her year. I'm excited to see how people will respond to such a celebration of a 21st birthday. As opposed to getting "trashed", we will being giving glory to the Father for all that he has done for and in Sarah and asking his blessing on her year! Praise the Lord!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Memorial Day Fun Times

I'm taking a quick break from working on my second-to-last paper/final for the year, to post some pics from our Memorial Day celebrations last Monday. We wanted to go to the Point, the park on the lake that's like a little peninsula, to grill hamburgers and have a picnic dinner, but we don't have a little grill, and the neither did the park... So we grilled at home on our trusty little George Foreman, and had our burgers on our "back-porch." They were really good... Then we went to have the rest of the picnic at the Point, chips and carrots and these really good sugar cookies iced with red, white and blue frosting that Anne made (dairy/wheat/soy free!!). We sat on the side where we could see downtown. It was a lovely evening. Later that night we went to see a U of C student's film, A Bollywood Story, which was fun...